Aquarian Pool & Spa Warranty

All Labor comes with One Year Warranty.

Most of our competitors only offer a 3 month warranty or less.


After Pool Is Inspected by the town/city inspector, The Area Must be backfilled covering at least the rim of the bottom rails at all times. This is to prevent washouts. It's the responsibility of the home owner to do routine inspections of the pool and the area around the pool for potential washouts due to erosion of the soil. Failure to do so will void the warranty.

Leaky Fittings

Leaky fittings on the exterior of the pool wall should be addressed as soon as the issue arrises. This is to prevent the chemicals in the water from breaking down the pools painted surface and rusting the metal wall. If you see a leak please call us and we will send one of our technicians out right away. If still in the first year we will provide the service free of charge.

Is This Your First Pool?

Being a new pool owner can be a lot to take on at first. We meet many new pool owners every season. Don't hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions about your pool. If you see something your not sure about or just want to run something by us. We're here for you all year long.

Merchandise Warranty

Any Supplies your purchase from us that has a manufactures defect that causes your liner to fail will be covered by us in house along with the labor involved in replacing the defective component. In the case of a manufactures defect we excuse ourself from the liability of replacing the water.

Extended Warranty

With the purchase of all 3 protection supplies we extend the life our our warranty to Two Full Years Hassle Free Warranty on Labor and Supplies. If anything arrises in the first two years we will send one of our technician out free of charge to asses the concern. Weather related damage to the pool is not covered under warranty along with any inflicted damage done to the pool while in use. If any of these situations arise we will still send one of our technicians out to asses the damage and help you figure out all your options free of charge.