When we install our pools.

We set patio blocks as footings underneath all uprights. We Round the pool correctly from the center to prevent leaning uprights. When it comes time to finish the bottom we rake, role, and tamp the moistened material to make for a solid smooth surface. When installing the liner we are careful to center the liner to help prevent added stress on the seams. This also makes removing wrinkles easier. Lastly we Assemble the Filter and Pump.

Need your site excavated?

Swimming Pool Excavations start at $150 hr. All base prices are listed below. We generally move the material left over from the excavation to a designated area in the yard. We are not responsible for removing materials from the site.

**Please be sure to call dig safe and have any buried lines in your yard marked prior to us arriving.

Included With Install

  • Pool Install
  • Liner Install
  • Filter Install
  • 1 Year Warranty

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Not Included

  • Site Excavation
  • Sand Delivery
  • Fences & Decks

Homeowner Responsibilities

  • Building permits, local zoning laws
  • Removal Of Trees & Stumps
  • Electrical Work (Grounding The Pool)
  • Water(Filling The Pool)
  • Removal Of Excavated Site Materials
  • Back filling The Pool Area.(Stone / Mulch)

*Prior to having us install your pool please contact your City or Town to check local Zoning Laws and Requirements and apply for your permit. A little secret, If you pull the permit as if your installing the pool yourself its a faster process. Also have any trees and stumps removed that are in the area where the pool is going.

**Once your pool is installed it is important that you back fill the pool with your choice of rock, loam, or mulch as soon as the pool is inspected. This is to ensure there wont be any washouts from eroded soil caused by heavy rains. Failure to do so would result in a voided warranty. We start the pool water using the Garden Hose. We require you to leave 8 inches of water in the pool overnight to make sure your liner seams are good.