When we install our pool liners.

We set patio blocks as footings underneath all uprights. We Round the pool correctly from the center to prevent leaning uprights. When it comes time to finish the bottom we rake, role, and tamp the moistened material to make for a solid smooth surface. When installing the liner we are careful to center the liner to help prevent added stress on the seams. This also makes removing wrinkles easier. Lastly we Assemble the Filter and Pump.

Included With Your Liner Replacement

  • Liner RemovalDon't get dirty, Let us remove the liner. Just have the pool pumped down before we arrive. We will remove and bag the liner.
  • Inspection Of PoolOnce the liner is removed we inspect your pool for signs of fatigue and make an assessment of the damage.
  • Resurfacing Bottom Of PoolOnce all repairs are made we re-surface the bottom of the pool and compact the area.
  • Installation Of LinerOnce we are satisfied that the pool is ready for the liner we move foreward with the installation. When installing the liner we center the liner to prevent added stress on the liner seams. We use the garden hose to add 8 inches of water to the pool to set the liner and keep wrinkles out. The following day you can continue to fill the pool.
  • *Pool RepairsOnce all trouble areas are located they are prepped and repaired. Pricing for repairs are discussed at time of booking.
  • Warranty1 to 2 Year Warranty Click Here for details. This Warranty Includes Support for issues that may arise during the warranty period. If you have an issue with your pool call us and we will send one of our technicians out free of charge to asses the pool damage.

When Scheduling A Liner Replacement

  • Measure Your PoolHaving the right measurements is crucial to assuring your liner fits correctly. For a good explanation on how to measure your pool chick here.
  • Do Basic InspectionDo an inspection of the exterior wall and take note of any rusting or pin holes. If you see any splitting in the wall take some pictures to send to us.
  • Choose Your Liner PrintTake a look at our liner prints and see if there is anything you like. All our liners come backed with a hassle free in house warranty for up to two years.
  • Schedule Your InstallationFill out the form on our contact page, Send us an Email, or Give us a call to schedule your installation. We will do our best to give you an installation date that not to far out. If your flexible we can put your name on our call list in case something opens up spur of the moment. This will help get your job done sooner.

*Once scheduled for a liner replacement please pump down your pool to about 10 inches of water. The day before our arrival we will call and ask you to pump the rest of the water out.

*Let 8 to 12 inches of water sit in your liner over night before filling your pool. This is to be sure your liner seams are holding up properly.