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For all of you who don’t know who we are, we are Aquarian Pool and Spa. We are Registered Swimming Pool Contractors in Ma and RI. My name is Mark Grover and I have been building swimming pools for my entire life. I was raised into the business by my family as I grew up. So If you are new to pools would like to learn how to be a professional keep reading through the articles attached to jobs. I have tons of knowledge and love giving it away. If you want to build your pool yourself or just would like to be able to better interview a potential Swimming Pool Contractor this site is good for you and I hope you bookmark it.

It’s common for Pool Stores to carry an in-house Swimming Pool Contractors to install all of their Pools and Liners. They don’t carry just any installer. They carry one they trust to uphold the appearance of both outfits. We have multiple stores we contract for.

We are Fortunate

We are also fortunate enough to have a few more stores to refer us work. This is because we can’t take on any more stores at the moment. These are stores we have built a reputation with along the way.  Stores that also carry in-house Swimming Pool Contractors. I’ll be linking to these stores throughout the site generously.

These stores are Located throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. I will do my best to not go into these details repetitive throughout later articles. And also do my best to keep the articles packed with good solid explanations that you can rely on.

Solid Explanations

There will be thorough explanations of the diagrams in the manuals. I will be explaining the job each major part has. Also how to prevent any issues that you could run into. Preventing misinterpretation of the directions. My goal is to help you understand the more crucial aspects of building swimming pools. Perhaps you’re considering what a Registered Swimming Pool Contractor does as a career choice. It can be rewarding with a solid understand of the processes that go along with installing pools.

Now Let’s Talk Pools

Another Pool Install for Chris over at Pool n Play in Raynham Ma, (Swimming Pool Contractors and Sales). This was a long standing client of Pool n Play and Chris had made it clear the client’s satisfaction was Essential. When we arrived we had to remove an 18×33 Sharkline Pool that was about 30 years old. That was a day project itself.

Installing The Pool

We had to shift the pool one way to avoid a footing that was supporting the deck. It’s common when replacing an oval pool with a pre-existing deck. Especially when the new pool has a different number of side uprights. The shift we made was minor and didn’t have any effect on the finished product.

I enjoy high-pressure jobs like these because they drive me to do my best work. One thing I’ve found is there will always be room for improvement. No matter how good you believe you are.

Having a deck like this to work with can be difficult when it comes to setting blocks. We get under the deck and tamp the area to make sure the blocks are solid. But being down there is the hardest part by far. It is better to take it easy when working around these areas. Wearing a hard hat is a good idea. Having the deck poses a benefit. We can use it to square the pool. As you can see we were able to get the side as straight as can be.

Material For the Bottom

We were able to reuse the sand here. Reusing sand can be a pain if the sand is contaminated with yard debris. It’s common to see stone around pools. When taking down a pool its best to pull back the stone far enough away from the pool to prevent stones from rolling back into the pool area. This way the sand can stay free of debris. I like to leave the bottom of the liner in place until the install to prevent any mishaps. Neighborhood cats and dogs love an open sand bed.

Clay Bottoms, Oh no!

One more thing to note would be if you have a clay base bottom. These bottoms are a huge problem. They settle very unevenly and most times are loaded with stones. We don’t recommend reusing a clay bottom. We do recommend a bottom pad on all installs.

Wrapping It Up

From the Day of the take down till the yard cleanup was 2.5 days. This was a good size job and required a large crew. We had guys working on the deck, parts, and ground work independently. There is a great satisfaction that comes with the finished product we produce.

If you like this pool and you would like to have your pool installed by A Qualified Registered Swimming Pool Contractor

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