Swimming Pool Contractors MA, RI

Swimming Pool Contractors, 18x40 Quantum Above Ground Pool
18x40 Quantum 54-inch tall Resin Hybrid Above Ground Swimming Pool by Aqua Leader
Aqua Leader Is by far one of the most durable resin pools on the market. Swimming Pool Contractors registered in Ma and RI.

Swimming Pool Contractors MA, RI

Installing the Quantum 18×40

It’s not every day we get to install such a big pool. However, building these pools come with so much satisfaction that I jump at the opportunity.  Some of the most important steps are figuring out where the pool will sit then keeping the pool’s sides looking straight.

Swimming Pool Placement

Most clients will have us install the pool square with the house or a deck extending off of the house. What I like to do and I’m sure most swimming pool contractors do, is take a few measurements off whatever I’m squaring off of, and establish a string line that I can easily check my work off of.

Once we have our line we can Follow our directions to get our layout.

Keeping The Sides Straight

When I set My footings I go over all the block with the laser repeatedly constantly tweaking corners and slopes. Some ovals require a pitch from Back to Front which can require even more attention to detail. We use a 3-foot level to check the pitch of each upright as we build.

We always keep a string line representing the wall of the pool to help keep the upright running square. If you’re building the pool correctly, then you’re building the center of the pool up 1/2-inch to prevent the pans and straps from popping up. This has to be done with a laser and grading must be perfect to keep both sides straight when installing the straps.

If You Want a Professional Finish

To make sure the sides are perfect we install the top seats while we build, prior to installing the wall. This allows us to take time perfecting the sides. This way if we do need to adjust a footing we can compact the area properly. After the wall is installed it is virtually impossible to do perfect work.

These are just a few essentials

Following these basic steps on every oval will make installing your next oval above ground swimming and you will never stray from them. They will make every pool look great.

If your Interested in the Quantum Above Ground Swimming Pool by Aqua Leader Contact Seth From Pools Plus Inc

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