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swimming pool contractors glocester RI

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24′ Nakoma / Matrix 54″ Tall Swimming Pool Installed in Glocester RI

High Quality Resin Swimming Pool

The Nakoma swimming pool has a clean look. Its neutral color goes well anywhere. This Pool can be purchased from Pools Plus Inc In Johnston RI, right on rt.6 across from Cumberland Farms. We are lucky enough to be the swimming pool contractors for Pools Plus.

Not All Resin Pools Are Equal

We are seasoned swimming pool contractors. We have had the opportunity to work with virtually every pool out there. I have noticed how resin swimming pools were being made of different grades of composite resin. Some more flexible than others. Some so hard that if you try to force anything you’ll surely crack the plastic.

How to Choose a Resin Swimming Pool

Make sure the Resin Pool has complete resin parts. Top and Bottom Track, Joiner plates, Top seats, and Uprights. The only metal parts on your pool should be the wall. The main Benefit to a resin swimming pool is the fact that the resin parts are rust resistance.

Another thing to look for when purchasing a resin swimming pool would be a 54″ wall. For the money your paying you should be getting the best of the best. The 2-inches might not seem like a big deal, but take a look at a few store models. Then make up your mind.

I have seen resin pools sold with metal uprights, top track and joiner plates. This defeats the purpose. These parts tend to rust if you decide to run the pool salt water.

What You Get With The Nakoma / Matrix Resin Swimming Pool

When you purchase the Nakoma Resin Swimming Pool you get the whole package. For starters, the swimming pool wall is 54-inches tall. The steel pool wall has a thick coat of resin paint on it’s interior and exterior.

Let’s say you’re up in the air about salt water. No worries this pool is the only pool we have seen with virtually no hardware in the frame. That’s right, the pool has special resin lock-in caps. So you will never have to worry about having trouble with destroyed parts and hardware when replacing the pool liner.

The Nakoma Swimming Pool comes stock with a high quality 25 mil v-bead/j-hook vinyl swimming pool liner. If you’re buying from Pools Plus then you’ll also be choosing a high-quality Hayward Filter system to keep your Pool sparkling clean for years to come.

If you are interested in Purchasing the Nakoma / Matrix Swimming Pool Talk to Seth at Pool Plus.

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