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Swimming Pool Contractor

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15×30 DistinctionLX Oval Swimming Pool

When we started this installation the site work was so far off that we spent a good 5 hours just running the machine. We had to build up half of the pool area. When building up you want to use a combination of moisture and compaction. A professional swimming pool contractor will raise the ground in lifts. Usually, 1-foot lifts at a time. This is to allow the material to compact properly. Adding too much material will make for a squishy mess that hard to tame and compact.

Building up is never suggested. Sometimes its is unavoidable. We recommend building up with processed gravel and using a plate compactor to help vibrate the ground and settle any pockets of loose material hidden underneath the surface.

Installed and Filled In One Day

Most of the time it only takes one full day to install a 15×30 buttress-free style above ground swimming pool. We were able to get the pool up and have water delivered before we left. We normally recommend leaving 8-inches to a foot of water in the pool overnight to allow the liner to stretch and assure the seams hold properly prior to having water trucked in. However, in some areas that we service in Rhode Island like Chepachet, Johnston, Scituate, Foster and Smithfield clients don’t have access to town water and the exception is made.

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