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18 x 33 Buttress Free Trevi Swimming Pool

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Truly Solid

For starters, this style pool has to be one of the most solid oval pools I have ever installed. You can actually install this pool without straps and put a deep end on one side. However, it’s twice the amount of labor to install this pool compared to many others that you might find in stores or online.

$$$ Before You Buy $$$

That being said be careful of the style pool you purchase if your working with a tight budget. Prior to making a purchase, It may be best to work it out with the installer to see if they are familiar with the style you’re interested in. Returning a pool can be a pain, and in some cases not possible. Another thing to consider before making a purchase is the return policy. Especially for online purchase. We have witnessed the frustration caused by online purchases.

Manufacturing Dilemmas

When we started this install we ran into a major problem where the manufacturer of the pool had 3/16 inch steel parts that were drilled out completely wrong. When we called the Distributer they found all the pools had the same problem. So the job was on hold for two days till the parts were in.

We Return

Now are parts are in we can get to work. This style pool has us setting the blocks for the sides 8 inches below grade. Meaning the top of our block is 8 inches below grade. It may seem like an easy task to set some block into the ground.  However, the deeper you go below grade into (subgrade), the more rock and debris you run into.

Setting The Footings

Usually, after we finish setting blocks we have a small pile of broken blocks to clean up because when setting the block you have to make sure the ground is flat and solid underneath the block. If you place the block in the hole and it has a gully or a small rock under the block, It will surely crack when you firm it up.   One way to prevent gullies, or to get a nice flat even surface for your block, Is to dig the hole bigger than the block.

Take My Advice

I personally like to make my hole twice the size. This way I can shift my block left, right, forward, or back without worrying about my block sloping.  It is a good idea to keep checking the block as you go. I notice your eyes can play tricks on you when working on the block. going around and taking readings with the laser off all four corners of the block will ensure the ground work is perfect.

Backfilling and Compacting after Setting Footing

Now after digging the holes for the blocks so big, you might think that leaves room for an impression or washout. Well, we always use a combination of moisture and compaction to make sure those voids are filled in correctly. Having done this literally thousands of times I have found digging out for the blocks not only saves time and frustration but will give you a better product every time.

This was a large job

This job wasn’t completed in one day.  We took a full two days, not including the setback on day one. A year later the client had a deck attached to the pool from the house.

That the deck matched up perfect. Still waiting on those pics with the deck. Perhaps Chris will read this and send them our way so we can update this article with the completed photos.

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