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18 x 33 ft DistinctionLX above ground swimming pool

18×33 DistinctionLX Above Ground Swimming Pool

There is a major lesson here!

When Seth from Pools Plus Inc handed me the above ground swimming pool job he told me two things. One, other installers had difficulties with this pool. Two, These are close friends of Wayne the owner!

I read the above ground swimming pool manual front to back because┬áSeth had me Intimidated. Even though I┬áhad a hunch what the other installers were doing wrong. I didn’t want to look bad, so I went into this job extremely cautious.

Import Details about Straps

Alright, so we have our side block installed at a 5/8th-inch pitch two full blocks with a space between them. Everything was per the directions. I didn’t want any problems to arise. It’s important to note that on an above ground swimming pool I install the straps up higher 1/2 inch in the center of the pool. Just recently I’ve started to see the directions explain this. I had learned this the hard way many years ago.

How It Works

On an above ground swimming pool, if you raise the straps any amount, the straps will be pulled with force down when the water pressure pushes against the walls of the sides. This will prevent the straps from doing the exact opposite. Popping up! Think about it for a minute. If the strap is laying in a ditch it will be forced up to the height where the straps meet the uprights.

Wrapping It Up

After taking two days to make sure everything was perfect. Even soaking the ground overnight around the sides and straps to allow the ground to tighten up before installing the pool wall. The pool was filled and there was no sign of trouble. These clients were on vacation and came home to a beautiful above ground swimming pool.

There were many more of the DistinctionLX Above Ground Swimming Pools To Come After that job!

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