Above-Ground Oval Swimming Pool Installation

 above-ground oval swimming pool

Above-Ground Oval Swimming Pool


Installed By Aquarian Pool and Spa Medway Ma

Two types of Above-Ground Oval Swimming Pools


  1. Buttress Style: Have Triangular braces that extrude from the side of the pool.

  2. Buttress Free: These Pools have channels that extend out from the pool, but instead of a large triangular support we have the channel buried under the ground to make for a better look and a stronger pool.


If you’re in the market for an above-ground oval swimming pool, I suggest investing in a buttress-free pool. Buttress-free pools have major benefits.


  • * You can Get nice and close the pool with Lawn Mower.

  • * The Buttresses can be a sight for sore eyes. It’s best if you plan to build a deck around.

  • * The buttresses are not the strongest parts. The channels are about ten times as thick as the Buttresses.

  • * The Warranty on the Buttress Free pools is longer.

  • * The Buttress Free Pools are better looking by far.


When is a buttress pool preferred?

  • * If you’re replacing a buttress pool and you have a deck built up to the pool. This will keep the job cost down.

  • * If you are building a full wrap deck. The pool won’t be exposed, (no sight for sore eyes), and repairs will be possible if needed.

  • * If your working on a tight budget. The price difference is substantial.


Accepting The Job

I remember when this job came across my desk. The store owner of Pool n Play of Raynham Ma called to let me know the homeowners were having a deck extending from the house enclosing the entire pool. The only problem was the pool had to be installed at 80 degrees in order to make the deck fit within the restrictions set by the building permit.

“OK Chris!”, I’m always up for a good challenge. We were lucky enough to have the carpenter mark out two stakes to represent the 80-degree angle that our pool needed to conform to.

Swimming Pool Lay Out

I always lay out the entire pool before actually doing any ground work. I mark the radiuses and the sides. I mark the straps and the center of both ends. This will ensure all the blocks are in the correct locations and allow us to work close to pre-existing structures. If you’ve ever laid out walls in carpentry this system makes perfect sense.

The homeowners were away on vacation when we installed the above-ground swimming pool. So they were able to come home to their pool all ready to go. The job only took one day to complete. We took our time to make sure we didn’t run into any problems.

We hit the 80-degree angle on the mark. We haven’t had the opportunity to get the pictures with the deck. Hopefully, I’ll be updating this post with new images soon.

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