24 ft Trevi Swimming Pool Install

24 ft Trevi Swimming Pool Install Taunton Ma

They Don’t Get Much Easier Than This.

Another Trevi Above Ground Pool Install for Chris over at Pool n Play on rt 44 in Raynham Ma. The site was already prepped out for the electrical. So all we had to do is measure off the 4×4 wooden post to figure out where our wall seam needed to be, and we were good to go. One thing to note is we always hide the wall seam behind an upright. We leave off the top joiner plate on the wall seam upright and that’s also where or last sections of top track are installed. If all the spacing is even in the bottom track then the final top seats should fit perfect. Getting the spacing of the bottom rails correct can be the hardest part of installing pools. Reason being is, most pools come with a very small set of universal directions. I have yet to read universal directions that have all the spacing displayed for every dimension pool. In most cases, you have to remember the subtle differences from size to size and model to model. That’s right some manufacturers carry different models of the same pool. Some models are updated and others not. So things can get out of sync fast if you’re not paying attention to the size and model when setting the ground work. We have had to take down a pool wall during the installation process to reset all of the blocks to prevent the bottom rails from sliding off the edge of the block. The reason a bottom rail might slide off the block would be if the rail was not centered properly on the block. Once the water pressure is in the pool and the ground gets saturated your rails better be centered or you’ll start to see settling in the pool frame and risk losing your pool eventually.

I hope reading this article pointed out some things that might help you find the right swimming pool contractor to install your pool.

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