24 ft Trevi With Custom Fence Install

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24 ft Trevi With Custom Fence Installation

We had to cut the feature covers that go over each top seat seam in order to install the fence the correct way.

There is more than one way to build a pool.

This Trevi pool is awesome. I installed my first one for the owner of the Pool Store in Raynham Ma on RT. 44, Pool n Play. It was his personal pool. This style pool has an addon pack of lights that are solar powered and have multiple light settings. You can have it display one color or loop through all the colors. The addition is purely for looks and has no effect on the quality of the pool if you decide to pass on the lights. Another great thing is you could always install lights down the road if you change your mind. Another option would be to install lights on every other upright.

When we took on this project we had not installed any fences with this model because it was the first year of production and by luck, we hadn’t had the opportunity. When I say by luck, I mean it. It wasn’t until we were going to install the fence that we realized we would have to customize the feature covers in order to have the fence installed by code. Leaving less than a 4-inch gap from the bottom of the fence to the top of the top seat.

Now after a long day at work we decided to come back and do the cuts on the feature pieces fresh, seeing how we had no extra pieces to work with and we wanted a smooth finish. So after a good rest, we came back and tackled the project. It takes some skill to get the PVC fencing to look good. No piece of fencing will fit without taking accurate measurements and making the cuts evenly splitting the difference up between both ends. So if we have a piece of fence 60 inches long and we need on 57 inches long we will have to take 1.5 inches off each side. Once the first piece is installed and the post id straight, you can take the measurements for the next piece. That is the process. I can’t stress enough how important it is to make sure all your uprights are straightened with a level before installing the fence post. This is considered the foundation of the fence. Everything is built off the straight post.

Installing the fencing is considered its own project. If you want to have a good looking pool, then it is best if you install the fence after the pool is complete.  Trying to tackle the fence and the pool together could lead to some horrific looking fences.